Current Job Roles

At Raising Eagles Montessori Nursery, we believe that a nurturing educational environment is built upon the shoulders of passionate individuals who bring their expertise and dedication to every facet of your child’s learning journey. Our diverse team of educators and professionals works harmoniously to create an environment where your child’s growth, curiosity, and joy take center stage.

Each role within our team plays a crucial part in shaping the holistic education we provide. From the classroom to administration, from curriculum design to outdoor exploration, every member contributes their unique skills to foster an atmosphere of inspiration, respect, and collaboration.

Step into the world of Raising Eagles and get acquainted with the remarkable individuals who empower your child to spread their wings and reach new heights. Discover the roles that breathe life into our Montessori philosophy, nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

To express your interest in any of the positions listed below, please click the “Apply” button, utilise the reference number in the subject line of your email, and attach both your CV and a cover letter for thorough consideration. We look forward to hearing from you. 


REF: 0003


  • Lead and facilitate classroom activities based on Montessori principles.
  • Create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for children.
  • Guide individual and group lessons, fostering independence and curiosity.

Salary: Negotiable

REF: 0005

Early Years

  • Coordinate and facilitate Montessori classroom activities 
  • Cultivate a caring and enriching educational setting for young children.
  • Instruct both individual and group lessons, encouraging independence and inquisitiveness.

Salary: Negotiable