At our new Montessori nursery, we take immense pride in the passion and expertise our team brings to shaping young minds. Guided by the Montessori philosophy, we believe that every team member plays a crucial role in providing an exceptional learning journey for your child.

Training the Montessori Way: Empowering Excellence 

Our commitment to Montessori education goes beyond words – it’s deeply embedded in our practices. Every staff member undergoes rigorous Montessori training, ensuring they’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to create an enriching environment that fosters independence, curiosity, and a genuine love for learning.

Teaming  Up With My Montessori Child Application

Raising Eagles Nursery is proud to announce our collaboration with My Montessori Child, a trusted solution for leading Montessori schools worldwide. This partnership enhances our commitment to delivering quality education and supporting child development, seamlessly integrating the Montessori Method with statutory reporting under England’s National Curriculum through a comprehensive nursery management system. Together, we prioritise a child’s growing independence while keeping parents well-informed about their child’s developmental progress.

The Raising Eagles Team

Our team of dedicated and Montessori -trained educators are passionate about fostering a supportive and inclusive community for children to thrive. We recognise the importance of early childhood and the importance of providing a safe and loving environment where each child’s unique strengths and interests are celebrated. 

Meet Our Team of Montessori Trailblazers 

Explore the profiles of our team members who are dedicated to nurturing your child’s growth. From Montessori-certified teachers to compassionate caregivers, each individual is an integral part of our educational family.

Join us in celebrating a team that’s ready to nurture, inspire, and ignite the spark of curiosity in your child’s heart.

"Nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for learning"

A Vibrant Learning Environment

Step inside our bright and engaging classroom, specially designed to stimulate creativity and exploration. Our thoughtfully curated Montessori materials are designed to meet the developmental needs of each age group, from practical life skills to the wonders of mathematics, language, culture and beyond.

In our Montessori classroom, the learning environment is carefully designed to support the holistic development of the children.  Our classroom has several distinct areas that cater to different aspects of a child’s development.

Our aim for our learning environment is to provide children with the freedom to choose activities that interest them, work at their own pace, and develop a love of learning through hands-on experience.

Practical life (Personal, Social and Emotional Development):

This area includes activities that help children develop practical life skills, such as pouring, washing activities, dressing, and food preparation. It fosters independence and fine motor skills.

Sensorial Area (Physical Development & Mathematics) :

In this area, children work with materials that engage their senses (sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing). These materials help refine sensory perception.

Language Area (Communication, Language and Literacy):

The language area focuses on developing children's spoken and written language skills. Montessori materials for this area include sandpaper letters, Movable alphabets, and reading materials that progress from simple to complex.


In the mathematics area, children explore mathematical concepts through hands-on materials like number rods, golden beads, and Montessori maths materials. These materials introduce mathematical concepts in a concrete and visual way.

Cultural (Understanding the World):

This area encompasses subjects such as geography, history, science, and art. Children are exposed to the world through maps, globes, artifacts, and age-appropriate lessons that encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.

Art and Music Area (Expressive Art and Design):

Our Art and Music area is where children can explore various artistic mediums and musical instruments. Creativity and self-expression are encouraged in this space.

Practical Resources Area:

This area contains resources such as reference books, dictionaries, and other materials to support independent research and learning.

Physical Development:

We value outdoor learning, we have a well-equipped outdoor space where children can engage in activities such as gardening, nature exploration and physical play.

Peace and Quiet Area:

Our classroom has a designated area for quiet reflection, reading, or peaceful activities. This space allows children to retreat when they need a break from more active learning.